Monday, 3 March 2014

Spoiled brat...

*Mesh booty friendly post*

Today I'm blogging some items from The Arcade Gatcha even, Whore Couture 3 Fair and new sexy shoes from Beauty Is Pain, hope you enjoy ♥

My Outfit

Hair - Clawtooth - Girl trouble prize 1 @The Arcade
Necklace - Ryca - GD 27 Gold @WhoreCouture
Shirt - Paperbag - Coco silk robe @WhoreCouture
Bodysuit - iRetro - Toya bodysuit black @WhoreCouture
Bracelet - Ryca - Medusa bracelet @WhoreCouture
Dog - Birdy - Panda pug @The Arcade
Shoes (worn with high slink feet) - Beauty Is Pain - Loyal gold cuff shoes 

Room items 

Fire place - Apple Fall - Stature fireplace RARE @The Arcade
Chair - Apple Fall - Slipcover (tapestry) RARE @The Arcade
Books - Apple Fall - Reading pile @The Arcade
Box - Apple Fall - Hat box @The Arcade
Rug - Apple Fall - Ruffled rug @The Arcade
Pillows (floor) - Apple Fall - Tree pillow @The Arcade
Bed - Apple Fall - Aristocrat Bed RARE @The Arcade
Apples decor - Apple Fall - Apple line @The Arcade
Painting - (NO) CopyCat Art - Creation of the first Cat RARE @The Arcade
Teddy bears - BoOgErs - (from left to right) White Wabbit Bear, Violet Flower Bear, Pink Bunneh Bear, Ya bettah Werk Bear RARE @The Arcade
Pillows (white) - TB - Spring living pillow cafe & Ticking @The Arcade
Heart wall decor - TB - Spring living wired heart black @The Arcade
Flowers - Apple Fall - Calla lillies @The Arcade
Sideboard - Apple Fall -  Fleur Sideboard (Mustard) @The Arcade
Painting - Apple Fall - New arrival painting @The Arcade

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