Friday, 4 April 2014

I'm the man and you know it...

Introducing the male component to my blog, Adrian my male avi AKA the 'Grid Stunna'. A few of the groups I'm in send out male items and I thought I would occasionally blog some outfits for the guys. 

Snapback - I N V I C T U S - Leatherphant snapback
Shades - Benjaminz - Holland shades 
Earrings - Vexiin - cc earrings 
Teeth - ILLMATIC - The perfect teeth 
Cigarette - NikotiN - Rainbow black @TheChapterFour
Necklace - RYCA - Medusa gold 
Shirt - Sabotage - Silk Tshirt
Dog - Birdy - Bat dog @TheMensDept 
Bracelet - Vexiin - Verse bracelet 
Pants - Sabotage - Trousers pitch 
Shoes - J U D A S - Chanel military boots 

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